My 1920s Ralph Pink Patterns Playsuit

Disclaimer: This pattern was gifted to me in exchange for photos.

This Ralph Pink playsuit has been finished for what seems ages. According to Instagram, I started it 4 months ago and it was done 3 months ago. It’s not a hard make, I just didn’t have time to sew. It’s rather quick and quite the pleasure to sew. I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner just on account of all the seaming. On the other hand, it’s just more pieces. Put them together and you’re good to go.

I followed the pattern instructions to give an accurate review and I have to say that the instructions are really spot on. I like how they have you marking the stitching lines, or corners, giving you a really perfect seam. In some cases, you really do need to do it so follow along. You won’t be disappointed. Also, note that seam allowances are 1cm- it wasn’t on the pattern but they’re on social media and not hard to find.

I used this poly chiffon from JoAnn’s and lined the front with a white lining. You can see in one of my pictures that I’m wearing a white strapless. It was the only way I could see me wearing this since the sides are completely open. The side zipper only zips to the top of the hip so make sure the hip measurement is right for you. Definitely size up if you fall in between. The piecing and pocket details add to the allure of this playsuit for me.

This is the back midway through construction. The ruched, low waist is low but as far as a 1920s look, you’re gonna get it. I didn’t do any alterations on this pattern and I think the fit is spot on. I knew the top was open on the sides and knew I’d have to layer it which is why I didn’t bother make any top changes.

There is a set of straps on one side of the shoulder and a button on the other side. Very dainty.

1920s playsuit back 1920s playsuit close up 1920s playsuit off shoulder 1920s playsuit side playsuit front

Have a great weekend! Go get your costume on!

10 thoughts on “My 1920s Ralph Pink Patterns Playsuit

  1. elaineoc says:

    It’s so cute! I like quite a lot of Ralph Pink designs but yet to get one so appreciated that you mentioned a bit about the instructions etc. I really love the fabric choice, totally not what I would expect to see with this but absolutely spot on 🙂

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