It’s a comfy jungle out there!

jungle skirt front jungle skirt back hair jungle skirt backjungle skirt sidejungle skirt waistbandjungle walking

I’m going for super comfy this winter with this rayon knit animal print skirt. I draped it on my new dress form, giving a straight front and a gathered back along with a wide knit waist band. I finished the hem by serging the raw edges and turning it up 1/2″ and doing a lightening bolt stitch to secure it.

I really needed something super quick and easy to make since I’ve been sewing complicated things for other people, both at the dress shop and for my own clients. One afternoon later and I had a drapey, doesn’t-matter-how-much-you-eat skirt.

If you aren’t already participating in Pretty Grievances’ Jungle January, where sewists all over the world pull out the animal print stops and make all the roary outfits, you should go check it out and sew along! I’ve been hoarding animal prints and have every intention of adding more to this year’s JJ but first I have a swimsuit to finish. Once I’m done with that, I will reward myself with more selfish sewing and maybe some fun sewing gifts for a local animal print lover.

By the way, can I just say, holy carp! my hair is long! When did this happen??

Another add: Yes, I do now own a pair of leopard print slip on sneakers. I’m happy to report 40 degree weather lately that allows for such frivolous footwear.

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