Jumpsuit Fever

Yes. I’ve got jumpsuit fever. It’s bad. I’m buying all the jumpsuit patterns and have plans to make them ALL! I’m working up the By Hand London Holly version 2 right now. The Holly trousers I made came out so well I knew I was ready to cut.

I was told on IG to mock up the bodice because it’s short so I cut the longest size, the size that would match the trousers for me and then went up one size for my bust and cut the tallest size on the top of the drape. The back I cut to my size and at the fitting it seems to work well. I really did need the length for my bust size.

received_10153150049385395 IMG_20150419_214823136

The second photo only shows the front bodice and front trouser pieces but honestly, I’m excited!

In the first photo you can see my scuba knit skirt I finished this weekend.


I really want to work with scuba knits again. So easy to work with. On my facebook page, I got the idea to make scuba knit pants! What a great idea. Thank you Sharon!

So, my hope is to finish my Holly jumpsuit for a show I’m hoping to go to tomorrow night. It’s Bloodshot Bill. He’s an amazing rockabilly guy.

Check him out. He’s cool. And so are jumpsuits!!!

6 thoughts on “Jumpsuit Fever

  1. Thimberlina says:

    The jumpsuit is gonna look fab – love how you’ve cut your pieces to show off the pattern.
    I’ve just made some scuba knit pants using my espresso leggings pattern – just made them a bit bigger.

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