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Today has proven to be a lovely day of running around, laughing with my kids and Eric, yummy food, playground time and, as you will see, blog photos! I used my tripod but my 8 year old asked if she could help so we can applaud her for her work.

Like I said in my last post, I had already made the pants on the Holly jumpsuit so all I had to do was fit the bodice. I cut the largest size for length at the waist but kept my size for the width so it would match the pants. I did grade up on the front only to give the girls a little more room. I cut the highest size on the cowl and after measuring myself and the flat pattern, knew I’d have enough room in all directions.

I used a Hawaiian Floral Print Crepe de Chine by Maggy London that I got from Fabric Mart Fabrics. Sadly, it’s all gone. I was going back and forth about lining it but I left it as is and it’s very wearable and comfortable without a lining. Perfect for today’s 70 degree weather! I’m all about the Hawaiian prints right now so don’t be surprised if you see more coming from me.

I do wonder if I should have put in plastic boning into the sides of the bodice. If not that, I might want to shorten the sides by about 1/2″, though really, it’s fine. I’m really trying not to overfit things over here. Working at the dress shop has helped me with not overfitting.

I am in serious over drive in the jumpsuit department. Just need to pair recent pattern purchases with fabric. And I know you have to basically get undressed to go to the bathroom but I honestly don’t care. My aim is to make all the jumpsuits this Sprint/Summer. I also can see myself using the bodice on the Holly and pairing it with a skirt, both long and short. I do like wearing a bra so we’ll see what I decide when it comes to the spaghetti straps next time.

Hawaii Holly front 2Hawaii Holly back   Hawaii Holly front Hawaii Holly sideHawaii Holly closeup

I won’t promise to post pictures of everything I’ve made since January- I tried but I kept sewing and never had daylight to take photos of all my Jungle January stuff. I do want to show off a couple of special makes. Let’s hope the sun powers me up!

Have a great weekend! And for crying out loud, WEAR A JUMPSUIT!