My Feather Mission (actually a) Maxi!

I’ve made Jamie Christina’s Mission Maxi a bunch of times. I love the fit and just how easy it is to finish- the beauty of knits! We have this feather knit in the dress shop and I knew I wanted to make the Mission Maxi out of it. I bought 3 yards and, really, should have bought 4 since the repeat is so large. I did what I could and I’m pretty happy with it but just need to remember that a large pattern repeat requires perhaps another whole yard to match things up with this pattern- especially the godet version.

Putting the godet together was simple and I quickly had a new dress. I love how elegant I feel wearing a little train behind me! Love it! I’ve had this make done for a while but I’m finding that this year’s MeMadeMay is getting me to blog the stuff I haven’t had a chance to show off!

Feather Maxi dress godet

Feather Maxi dress front

Feather maxi dress back

Feather Maxi dress close up Feather Maxi dress side close

Feather Maxi dress front close

Definitely one of my favorite dresses right now! This pattern is great for playing with prints, as once you have the fit down, it’s a really fast make. I did use this stretch single fold organza we have in the shop and even with a zig zag it makes the finishing really clean and gorgeous. The longest part of making this dress was the pattern placement- as you don’t wanna end up with feathers right on your Eve! Granted, the tip of the front feather is pointing to my lady parts but I’ll take that over the other option.

Feather prints, come to mama!

Have a great week everyone and keep the drama in your wardrobe.

7 thoughts on “My Feather Mission (actually a) Maxi!

  1. Simona says:

    Great Look Leila ! Been thinking of getting this pattern as well! How,hard was it to get a good fit in the bust area?

    • Leila says:

      Super easy. I just graded from one size to one size up and it fit my chest. I think I actually left the back one size. I get better results like that.

      • Simona says:

        That’s what I do sometimes as well! Guess it’s on my to buy patters now! Thanks 😍😍

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