Sewing Menswear and A Gatsby Party

This weekend there was a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis with a Gatsby theme. Of course, it gave me two things: an opportunity to sew and a deadline- two things I LOVE. So, I went to work.

For my outfit, I did some research and sketched out a concept:

Gatsby dress sketch

In the end, I opted out of the scarf in front but drafted the boxy top part of the dress and added to it a handkerchief hem skirt. I also added on a bit of bling to the left front of my skirt at the seam. My big excitement with this dress is that I used some sequin knit Prada I bought from the dress shop. First time I ever bought fabric so expensive and so amazing. Sewing sequins wasn’t all that difficult and I serged my edges with no fuss.

I added my short curly haired wig and other accessories. I even went all out with make-up, though I feel like I pulled back from my second trial run. Here you can see what I worked on. I aimed for Clara Bow.

IMG_20150704_124047820_HDR IMG_20150704_124142627 IMG_20150704_124245713_HDR IMG_20150704_124320805

And now we get to menswear. I made Eric a suit- vest and trousers. I used the Laughing Moon trousers I used for one of the actor’s for the Steampunk Weekend. The period is a little earlier but I think we got the look we wanted.

This vest and trousers are my favorite and highest quality make. Plus…MENSWEAR! I love menswear!

So, here we go. Photo time!


The cocoon coat is from a Ralph Pink pattern- I just have never blogged about it.





Happy Costuming, folks! Stay classy.

9 thoughts on “Sewing Menswear and A Gatsby Party

  1. Brooke says:

    Sooo much fun! You did such a wonderful job on both outfits! And great job with the makeup and styling on yourself – all the accessories are perfect!

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