The Vintagey Hawthorne Dress

DSCN7533 DSCN7522 DSCN7523 DSCN7524 DSCN7525 DSCN7528 DSCN7529 DSCN7530 DSCN7531 DSCN7532

I love this dress! Can you tell?

I also chose not to overfit the front of the bodice- which meant that I wasn’t going to take in the bust- a hard thing to do, I must add, but a thing I have to do as of late just so I don’t overfit.

Are you into overfitting?? Do you pick and pick at a dress until you can’t anymore and call it perfect?

What’s the point that you stop fitting?? Big question for me here…

Also, YAY! I finished something.

19 thoughts on “The Vintagey Hawthorne Dress

    • Leila says:

      It’s funny. I find that without checking other dresses I’ve made, I hem to almost the exact same length on everything. Guess I found my preferred length. 🙂

  1. Meris says:

    I definitely overfit because I tend to pick the wrong pattern size. The only time I haven’t overfit was when I made Sewaholic’s Cambie – I only had to adjust the shoulder seam.

    • Leila says:

      Interesting about picking patterns. And good point. I didn’t make any alterations on the Cambie but after making two, I want to go back and lower the bust apex. I think I’ll get a better fit that way.

  2. Helena says:

    I’m just working on Deer & Doe’s Belladone and I needed at lot of adjustments to get a good fit (narrow upper back, lower apex, FBA, add bodice length). But that is one bodice that needs a good fit, even in the back. So I will try and work out when a “good enough” fit is alright and when it needs a bit more. That said, with weight fluctuations a fit can never be perfect.

    It’s easy to tell you like your new dress and you look very cute in it. Perfect length and perfect pattern-fabric matching.

  3. craftsanctuary says:

    I also tend to overfit: nip, tuck, wedge, whatever! I like things to accentuate my curves, don’t like a lot of ease, and feel like sometimes it’s hard to know when to stop adjusting!

    This came out so cute, though, and looks comfy!

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