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Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about the trapeze dress. Maybe it’s because we have a client that’s coming in wanting to have one made- I dunno. But I got into thinking, with this whole #sewphotohop thing and the silhouette post, that maybe I’m leaving out looks that I could enjoy.

So, tonight I took the StudioCherie babydoll top that I’ve made a couple of times (3 to be exact) and added length and width to the front and the back to create a waterfall dress- mullet hem, really.

It’s a totally different look than the one I usually sport. What do you think? And before my pictures you’ll see what I was inspired by…


DSCN7537 DSCN7534DSCN7539

DSCN7541   trapeze dress back

My apologies for the goofie pictures inside the house but I HAD to take pictutes.

What do you think? I said on IG that I feel like it’s half mumu half awesome. I’ll wear it next week and see how I feel.

Eric’s comments:

  1. It looks comfortable. (mumu comment)
  2. It would look better as a cape. (agreed)
  3. The print is cool. Are there owls on it?

How do you feel about changing your silhouette?