McCalls 6713 and O! Jolly knits!!

I finally got around to blogging about McCalls 6713. It feels like I made it eons ago. I know it’s been worn a ton since it came off the sewing machine. It’s made out of a knit- another animal print- surprise! What’s funny- and you’ll know this if you’ve been reading my blog long enough…I used to hate prints and never used animal prints. Crazy to think of since now that’s what I regularly wear.

The only adjustments I made to this pattern was to take up the shoulder seams because they called for shoulder pads. Other than that, it’s exactly how it came out of the envelope. Another moment where you have to love knits!

The other thing I’m showing off here is my O! Jolly yardage gifted to me to try out by the generous Olgalyn in New York. I drafted this shrug and my plan is to show you how I did it- but not in this picture heavy post. Next time.

I have to tell you that this knit yardage is amazing. It’s soft and easy to work with. I highly recommend it. You can buy it here. Worth every penny. As you can see from the pictures, the jersey is a total sweater knit and this cooler weather in Indiana is having me reach for my O! Jolly cardi a lot! Thanks again Olgalyn for the fabric. You’re amazing.

Off to the pictures part.

DSCN7542 DSCN7543 DSCN7544 DSCN7547 DSCN7548 DSCN7550 DSCN7551 DSCN7552 DSCN7553 DSCN7556 DSCN7560 DSCN7561you should b swing

As you can tell, I love this outfit. Now, go sew something!

10 thoughts on “McCalls 6713 and O! Jolly knits!!

  1. Brooke says:

    I love the shrug! I wonder if I could wear that shape without looking completely swallowed in fabric…hmmm might have to try it after you post your tutorial. Love the whole outfit and your glasses are great too!

  2. Jo says:

    I meant to comment on this before – both dress and cardigan are fabulous on you! And yes pleeease please please do show us how to draft the shrug! I want one!! 🙂

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