Jungle January 2016: It begins.

jungle january meme 2016

The first year I participated in Jungle January I was really hesitant. I didn’t wear animal prints ever and the thought made me shudder. Little by little, I found myself wearing animal prints more and more and now nearly every day. I had lots of encouragement from my fellow sewcialists and now I agree with them:



Oh, yeah they are! That was my Lolita Gunmetal if you want to reminisce with me. A lot of my animal print makes haven’t actually been made during Jungle January, but that’s part of letting a print take over your life. This year, I’m using this month to motivate me to blog. I’ve got a couple of jungley things half way cut and I just need to make the time.

What is Jungle January?

Anne started Jungle January to build camaraderie around making and wearing jungly prints. If you don’t already follow her blog, you really should. She’s hilarious and witty and is incredibly talented. She’s also really fearless, in my opinion. She’ll make anything!

It’s easy to join Jungle January!

Just tag your makes, work in progress, and fabric with #junglejanuary and go all out with your social media! That’s what a good sewcialist does, you know. Blast it! Everyone is welcome. You’ll probably make some new friends so get ready to have some fun.

Speaking of which…there’s a Jungle January swap going on, too. If you’d like to join, contact Anne and let her know you’re interested. I got partnered up with an Indiana sewcialist who I’ve met before! Sarah lives about an hour from where I live and works even closer at Rivars, where she designs show choir costumes. Fun fact: I interviewed at Rivars but didn’t get the job. Still, we got super close to working together.

Here comes the inspiration!

I’m curious about branching out and hitting some of the lesser known animal prints. Interestingly, 2014’s runway had a lot of animal print and 2015 had more out of the ordinary animal prints. It’ll be fun to play on that.

I’m finding that working with animal prints is largely about careful print placement…or, just throwing caution to the wind and put a Tiger head right where you shouldn’t! Ha!


I do love the drama that animal prints can bring to a wardrobe. I know I just said they’re a solid…but they’re better than a solid! One of the things I’ve wanted to try more of is print mixing. The image below is very safe. I’m talking multiple animal prints. We’ll see what I can come up with.


This just might be the year I put myself in an animal print body suit because Debbie Harry told me to! I’m pulling out my personal “stops” and going bolder than last year.


I’ll also be putting together a Jungle January soundtrack this year. I’ll share it around in case you want to listen to what I pump in my ears. What is appropriate for Jungle January? I don’t quite know, yet. Feel free to link me a song in the comments. Youtube links work and I also use Spotify regularly.


I hope some of you join up this year if you haven’t in the past. Regardless, happy sewing!

May you seam ripper be nice and sharp!

18 thoughts on “Jungle January 2016: It begins.

  1. Melissa says:

    I always see the Jungle January posts but have never participated before because I didn’t have any animal print fabrics, but this year I do, so I’m hoping to make a few things for it!

  2. Sew Exhausted says:

    Jungle Love- Steve Miller Band (totally dating myself now!) There is also a very old 50’s song called Stranded in the Jungle… I thought it was pretty funny when I was a kid- Not sure why my parents were playing Rock around the Clock and songs from that era in the 70’s! But now that I think about it they were!

  3. Sarah C says:

    1. X Ambassadors – Jungle <—I love this song!!
    2. Is there any specific animal print/fabric type you would like? I have some ideas but I want to make sure you would use them first.
    3. We should me up to swap!!!!!!!

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