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Disclaimer: I’m not selling shoes (ha!) so I’m only showing images I’ve pulled from my Google search. My apologies but none of these will click to a vendor.

My older sister posted an image of some cheetah print boots she’s looking forward to wearing after her baby is born-yes! My older sis is having a baby! Couldn’t be happier for her and her family. The added bonus is that I get to snuggle a yummy smelling baby soon!

Those boots of hers got me thinking about the lack of animal print shoes I have in my shoe collection. I do love shoes. I have a bunch of shoes that I’ve bought only for photoshoots. I’m one of those people. I love platforms and heels and all of that but on a day to day basis, I wear 2″ heels at the most! My hems reflect that reality.

Here are some ideas to get your Jungle January fully amped up so you can go big or go home sort of thing!

I am a huge fan of the bootie!


What about these mid-calf sneakers! These, I’d wear to death. Maybe with a mini skirt and tights?


This next pair is definitely an eye catcher!


Can’t you see me wearing all the zebra prints together??


Or maybe just add your jungle fever in shoe land with black? Very chic!


Need something a little tamer? Safe in front, party in the back!


I love the detail on this toe!


Want something for those comfy, cozy days?


What about a little cowboy boot action?


I remember having some platform sneakers from Hot Topic in college that I just loved! They were hot pink and I wore them into the ground. Of course, these would hit the spot.


What’s the verdict? Would you pump up your animal print jam with jungley shoes? Any of these calling your name? Or is this just too much animal print for you?

Alrighty, Jungly pals, off to make some clothes!

Images: from Google