Vogue 8825: A Jungly faux wrap dress

I absolutely LOVE this dress. I cut and stitched it up in about 5 hours. The next day, I did a slight adjustment to the bodice (more on that below), and hemmed the sleeves and skirt. If I had been a good sewcialist, I would’ve googled the pattern, Vogue 8825, to find out that the majority of people who have made it have found the bodice to be baggy- something that will work in your favor if you have a larger chest.

Pattern alterations:

Not having done my google fu duties, I went ahead and added 2″ to the length of the bodice. In two ways this was unnecessary. For one, like I mentioned above, this pattern has a lot of ease in the bodice. Not just in width but in length. I went down a size because I know that the Big 4 patternmakers are high when they go to draft knitwear. What is wrong with them, really? So much ease!  But once you know, you just go down a size or two and get a good fit. This dress does seem to be full of ease.

The second reason it was unnecessary was because I wasn’t paying attention and measured from the back of my neck- which is where the top of the front pattern piece reaches toward- down to my waist. The bodice is meant to end at the underbust and the skirt is high waisted. But, like I said on IG, better safe than sorry.

If you’re making this dress, add all you want to the length, baste the bodice to the skirt for a fit test and then just adjust accordingly. It’s an easy to fit dress on account of the cut on sleeves and the knit fabric.


The fashion illustration shows the ties to be a lot longer and wider than they are. Anyone who’s made this dress shows that the ties are shorter and they aren’t as wide. That said, never go off the fashion illustrations alone. The technical drawing always clarifies things and it did in this case as well.

I’m careful when I cut and mark fabric and the back bodice darts didn’t match up to the skirt darts. Totally could’ve been my fault- I was sewing around midnight- but just watch for that. I don’t mind that they don’t line up because of the very busy animal print.

The neckline couldn’t been shortened. I have a bit of a gap but it’s also not bothering me too much. If I made this again, I’d mess with it a bit more. I might also add a little stretch organza to the neckline before folding over the attached collar.

I was going to complain about the skirt back having a seam- cos, hello knits!- but it does have some shaping that’s making me look like I have an arse, so I’ll retract my criticism. But…darts in a knit? I dunno. Am I just being annoyed for no reason? #itsaknit

Dreamy Eyes

This is a very quick make! I love the ties and the width of the sleeves! Loving the kimono-esque nod, obi belt and all. You probably noticed I didn’t go for the Bishop sleeves. Yeah, not for me. That also confused the design in my mind but that’s a matter of personal preference.

I would recommend a contrasting belt. I think the design pops better this way.


ITY from Fabric Mart Fabrics. It felt a little chilly outside wearing this and it’s about 40 degrees F. I did feel like this pattern was a bit of a fabric hog but since the envelop suggests you use at least a two way stretch, you can cheat. Just make sure you let the dress hang overnight so that the hem can drop. Try it on after that and measure for your hem.

The belt is made out of a silk jersey I bought from Preview, through work. So incredibly yummy!

Off you go now! Plan, shop, cut, stitch, press, blog! And make it a Jungle January!! Cheers!

16 thoughts on “Vogue 8825: A Jungly faux wrap dress

  1. mrsmole says:

    Best looking and fitting wrap dress I have seen in a long time. Great review and tips and small mistakes all add up to a prefect garment and a TNT pattern for the future. Great job and a super addition to the Jungle!

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