His Girl Friday Jumpsuit


If you haven’t seen the film, His Girl Friday, put it in the queue. It’s such a fun one! I bought this stretch pinstripe suiting from work, knowing I wanted to make Ralph Pink’s Luxe Jumpsuit. I’m loving everything pinstriped right now! I hit a snag when I got the fabric home and realized the stripes run from selvage to selvage! I was wooed by the stripes and can’t believe I didn’t realize this when I was cutting my yardage! Gah! If it were just trousers, I would’ve had enough but for the length of the pantsuit, I didn’t have enough! That’s when I turned to my buddy Christopher Laverty of Clothes on Film. In a panic, I asked him if he could send me in the direction of a cool pinstriped suit to inspire me! That’s when he suggested His Girl Friday and it was perfect! So I started cutting on the bias!

Back to Ralph Pink Patterns…Ralph recently did a massive overhaul on his site and is revamping his patterns. The new site is gorgeous and he’s making samples of all his old patterns and re-releasing them. You might remember my obsession with his skater dress, re-named the Prilla Dress as well as my Florence Play suit and my unblogged Cocoon Coat you can see in my post about the Gatsby Party I went to, which he hasn’t re-released yet.

Ralph Pink’s patterns print on A4 or full engineering prints, which may be more expensive but it beats having to tape the whole thing together. I did tape this one together and it matched up just fine! His patterns don’t come as nested patterns so you have to choose the size closest to your measurements and make alterations to one size. The thing I like with RPP is that the size is very close to my own with the exception of the bust. It’s nice to not have to shave off the hip! Small thing to be cheerful about but it’s the little things, amirite?

Alterations to the jumpsuit:

Since I cut the whole thing on the bias, I took out, at Ralph’s suggestion, some of the length. I did that at the shoulder. Other than that, I only cut the length of the leg and later added the horizontal striped band to tie the striped concept together. I couldn’t be happier with this make!

If you try one of the Ralph Pink Patterns, let me know. I’d love to see what you make! I highly recommend all the patterns I’ve worked up and I’m totally going to be making up more of his stuff. I love his eye for fashion and detail. Instructions are clear and Ralph is on Twitter and is very helpful!

His Girl Friday Luxe Jumpsuit front longHis Girl Friday Luxe Jumpsuit sittingHis Girl Friday Luxe Jumpsuit fullHis Girl Friday Luxe Jumpsuit backDSC00639His Girl Friday jumpsuit front

15 thoughts on “His Girl Friday Jumpsuit

    • Leila says:

      Thank you!! I froze my fingers off but so worth it. One of my goals is to get more confident taking photos outdoors and not in my backyard. 🙂 so thank you!

  1. Antipodean Stitcher says:

    Very nice! I’ve looked at Ralph Pink’s patterns before but haven’t bought them because a) they’re on the pricey side for me and b) I hadn’t seen any made up before. But yours looks great! I might have to spend that little bit extra and buy his patterns.

  2. jay says:

    I like the way you’ve used the fabric in this. Your fit in the body looks perfect. There have been a few Ralph Pink designs I like, so the feedback is handy.

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