Spring Trend: Sleepwear as Daywear

I can’t tell you how much I can get behind this trend of wearing pajamas during the day and calling them day wear. Gucci, Alexander Wang, Roberto Cavalli- you have my attention! Check out this article written by sleepwear designer, Francesca Ruffini for Vogue Paris!


Mostly, I’ve seen daywear pajamas made in silk and the prints are as bold as they come! I just bought the Closet Case Files Carolyn Pajamas pdf pattern and I can’t wait to make them up to wear out DURING THE DAY and nod my head in that rock ‘n roll kinda way, all the while thinking, hell yeah, this is daywear.

I’m considering making them in this kelly green and midnight blue mod looking silk twill we just got at work. I’d add a self tie and a blue piping. Oh yeah. (It’s the one in the middle.) Oh, but an animal print pair would be amazing, too!


I feel the same way I felt when I had shirt dress fever a couple of years back. This is all I can think about!!

Also, I am so in love with MILLY in general and Roberto Cavalli. I honestly didn’t know I had designer favorites. This realization does make me acknowledge how much thoughtful cutting makes a design a design, rather than my homemade dress or what-have-you. I may be slow noticing this but the more I make garments for other people, the more I see very basic patterns being the desire done up in gorgeous silks and laces.

Anyone else noticing this? Are you ready to wear pajamas as daywear? Come on! You know you wanna! Ok, back to sewing. So much to stitch up and so little time. Enjoy your sewing time!

11 thoughts on “Spring Trend: Sleepwear as Daywear

  1. Brooke says:

    I know a guy who collects vintage men’s pajama tops and wears them to work. They definitely don’t look like pjs you can buy in the stores today and the fabrics are so cool! I can totally see those silks making great tops for you!

  2. Bird and Bicycle says:

    I found the idea very intriguing when I noticed some actresses wearing what I thought were pant suits but were actually silk pajamas! What is the technical difference between the two anyway? A button up blouse over a loose trouser, comfort and class. Sounds like a winning combination to me!

    • Leila says:

      Exactly the point I think these designers are making… There is no difference. 🙂 I think mostly they’re just staying away from the cottony bedtime attire. I’m ready for fashiony comfort!

  3. Elena Knits says:

    Carolyn pajamas are daywear 🙂 I made the bottoms in flannel and wear it often while I work from home. I want to make more pairs, and maybe in other fabrics I could take them out for a stroll 😉

  4. Sarah Kate Creations says:

    Normally I am not very fashion forward, but I can totally get behind this! I am already planning a rayon Carolyn Pajamas short set to wear when I go to JazzFest in Nola in the spring. Usually I am out dancing until 4am or so. I’ll be comfy in my crazy cool, apparently hip, pajamas!

  5. Vida Badu-Debrah says:

    I think is okay is cool to wear the pajamas at anytime, because this fabric doesn’t look like a pajamas material,to me is okay if only the style will not look like a pajamas

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