by hand London Victoria Blazer and Leila mixes prints

I’m slowly jumping on the by hand London love bandwagon and what a wagon! Don’t know if you remember my Hawaiian Holly Jumpsuit! I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can wear that thing into the ground. I’ve made two pairs of trousers with the Holly jumpsuit pants pattern and they’re so delish! I might make some changes to the back crotch- hello no butticcus.

Today I’m here to show you my silk/hemp Victoria Blazer. I must have been blind or something because I forgot the collar pieces. Ha! I still wear it and love it but what an oversight! I still show you the jacket because, really, even some mistakes are manageable. Honestly, this would be something simple to unpick and attach the collar to. If I do that, I’ll post to IG. My point is: Not all mistakes are the end of the world.

I made it out of a blue silk/hemp fabric from work and the lining is a stretch silk watercolor print of yumminess.

The nice thing about a boxy, cropped jacket is that you’re really just focusing on the back and shoulder fit. Of course, you do want to make sure that the length works with your body proportions and this one really did work for me! I did make this what seems like ages ago but I haven’t worn it much because of cold weather restraints. When I took these pictures, it was 60 degrees! That’s crazy for February in Indiana but hey, I’m not complaining.

Who else is longing for warmer weather??

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