Custom Super Girl Cosplay

Earlier this year, I was contacted by a bride I worked with who wanted me to make her a Super Girl costume. I have a love/hate relationship with accuracy. Sometimes, it keeps me from actually getting anything done. But other times, when you find the perfect shade of every color to match the inspiration, it works beautifully. This was the case for Sahara Cole’s costume.

She sent me this picture:

Sahara Cole Supergirl inspiration

I had one fitting but since I had fit her for her wedding dress I felt confident going for it. The first time fitting someone is always the hardest, even with the 20+ measurements I like to take.

My client was going to provide the wig, belt, and boots. Everything else was up to me. She also sent me another photo of the cape with the same yellow trim so I added that as well. The one tricky part to this costume is adding the S emblem into the bodice.

After some online digging, I found this awesome tutorial on how to sew the S into the bodice. I’m not sure which was more time consuming, the S or the trim on the cape. Not an incredibly difficult build, but like I always say, it’s all time consuming.

One of the best parts about working for cosplayers is that they tend to know some amazing photographers.

Sahara Cole Supergirl brightSahara Cole Supergirl cape 2Sahara Cole SupergirlSahara Cole Supergirl bright 2

8 thoughts on “Custom Super Girl Cosplay

  1. gilliancrafts says:

    Look at her working it! The costume is beautifully made! Do you have a professional portfolio website going yet? You need one!

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