Recent projects- a collection


So…I might have a sequin problem…and a vest problem…or maybe we can avoid calling them problems and just enjoy these projects. The only one that was for me (for now, at least…it IS a sample) is the mustard yellow wool vest. It’s so nice and provides just enough warmth for what I need indoors.

I also wanted to update you on my freelance life. The majority of you know that a month ago, I went rogue. I quit my job at the dress shop and decided to work for myself. It’s been going well, or as one would expect. It’s not perfect, and I could use more clients, but over all, for the first month, I couldn’t be happier to be doing this. I’m learning a lot about boundaries with clients, how to balance life and work, and how to keep my finances afloat.

I wouldn’t be here without all the craziness I’ve had to deal with in the last 3 years and the saying that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is so true in my case.

I’ve added a link to my Facebook page in case you want to see more of what I’ve been working on! Go check it out and have a great holiday season! Enjoy the sparkles and the thigh slits and all that’s magical in the world!

6 thoughts on “Recent projects- a collection

  1. karen says:

    Wonderful job with the star trek outfit! I have that pattern, but have never had the gumption to even make a muslin. Your version is perfect. Love the sparklies too!

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