2016 and a Word of the Year for 2017

Over the last couple of years, I’ve invested time in coming up with a word for the upcoming year, rather than a wish list of things I want to accomplish. You can see recent words here.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. My kids are at a new school and they love their teachers and have met some great people. They continue to develop new projects, including a board game in the style of chutes & ladders.

I became an auntie to Isabella, my older sister’s daughter. I witnessed the birth of my friend, Aynie’s, son, who I post about as “my ginger baby”. I love that baby and his family so hard it hurts sometimes.

I’ve made some amazing gowns for some amazing brides and their mothers…and I, eventually, became my own boss! It was a scary, yet amazing, change, and while it’s still sort of new I’m still loving the freedom.

Once again, to borrow from Instagram, here’s my best of for ya!


Our planet had a huge number of shocking celebrity deaths and some serious political unrest…but we’ve also seen some amazing things happen.

Like the rest of the world, I’ve had my own ups and downs, some harsher than others, but in the end I’d like to think that I’ve come out a much better person from it all. I can’t say that freelance work is easy, but when have I ever wanted anything that was easy? I appreciate the friends and clients I’ve had this last year and the ones that have booked me for next year (and one bride for 2018!).

Last year, my word of the year was Collaboration. I did a lot of that in 2016! I met a bunch of people and got to work with some new favorites. For 2017, I have a huge list of things I want to get better at…like jackets and pants, so you’ll see a lot of those. Welt pockets are another thing I want to perfect.

My word for 2017 is:


I don’t entirely know how this word will work thru the year, but that’s the beauty of this whole “word of the year” thing. For me, it started with Brooke and her awesome blog and IG feed. Brooke has been an inspiration but also a support over this year and I have to tip my hat to her for all her costume help this year!

So…besides knowing that I want to focus….what does that mean?

I’ll be focusing on my small business, my personal sewing goals to get better at the small details, and I want to focus on balancing my business and personal life. I don’t want to get so lost in building a business that I forget to build my life. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot in 2017!

I wish everyone a happy end of 2016 and enjoy all your dreams for 2017!!

4 thoughts on “2016 and a Word of the Year for 2017

  1. karen says:

    Leila, Happy New Year! Best wishes for the future. New businesses are difficult to get off the ground and require a lot of patience, but, when they succeed, wow! Best of luck! You sew beautifully and, with any luck, the bride crop over the next few years will be bountiful. lol.
    Happy family times too!

  2. Becky says:

    Happy new year! I’ve enjoyed watching the freelance work you’ve been doing via IG, and wish you all the best for growing your business this year!

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