Reflection on 2017 and My Word for 2018


That’s a wrap, 2017! This year saw me in business mode full-time. I had no idea starting Curvy Custom Bride would make me feel so raw. It felt like I was finally burning off the rest of what was holding me back. It was hard. And worth it.

I hired LuDesign Studio for my Curvy Custom Bride logo and I couldn’t be happier!

Gold Foil B-Card MockUp

That leaves the Three Dresses Project needing a redesign. That’s where LuDesign Studio helped, as well. I’ll be transitioning my Three Dresses Project work to LMB. For now, any of the work that I do that doesn’t fit in the bridal realm will go here and on my Three Dresses Project social media.


Looking back, I made some really cool pieces for clients.

26197354_10155710789630395_2024986939_nMy best of 9 on Instagram tells me you guys love my dramatic side and I appreciate that cos I’ve got more where that came from! 26510497_10155710789750395_1203085648_o

The rose gold sequin dress I made for the sole purpose of making it and then finished it in time for an editorial shoot at the Ironworks Hotel in Indianapolis with Faith Blackwell Photography. 26513207_10155710789880395_1743258720_o

It was definitely a great way to end the year! What a high to see my dress on the lovely Chloe. This whole shoot was such a great experience. An amazing team!26513769_10155710789705395_149357920_o

My friend Angela Leisure has been a huge support, with and without her camera, but she does such a great job capturing me working!26540113_10155710789845395_571963475_o

A great project from early in 2017…the kid versions of the Beatles costumes for their dad’s 40th birthday celebration! This one reminded me that I can do just about anything.


And there was that time that my work got regrammed by Kenneth D. King. Yeah. That was encouraging. 26543911_10155710789790395_1864965392_o

I was looking through year in review posts like this one and I found that in 2013 I started doing the word of the year in lieu of new year’s resolutions. Here’s what I found:

2013: Precision

2014: I was confused why I couldn’t find my word of the year but then came across my divorce post. After reading it, I think, unofficially, my word was Planning, though Balance was a big word for me that year.

2015: Freedom

2016: Collaboration

2017: Focus

Which brings us to 2018.

My word is Structure.

What could that possibly mean? I have a slight clue but that’s the beauty of these words. They tend to evolve throughout the year and take shape as I open myself up to the creative juices in me.

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m pumped by 2018 and the seeds I’ve planted in 2017.

2 thoughts on “Reflection on 2017 and My Word for 2018

  1. gilliancrafts says:

    Happy New year, lovely Leila! I can see all kinds of possibilities in “structure” including structuring your work-life balance, structure in your entrepreneurial flow, and structure hidden underneath the dramatic sewing creations you excel at!

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