Custom Duchess Satin Bustier

I don’t cater to prom clients but I couldn’t say no to a custom bustier…not with my corsetry experience. Molly is an artist and has an amazing eye for design.

In getting to know her and her mom, I was struck by their relationship. I love working with a mother and daughter team who are so full of mutual respect and kindness. Erin, Molly’s mom, wanted to gift her daughter with experiences, not just things. I love that!

Here are some process photos. I try to use similar fabric to the final piece so I can both practice working with each material and give clients a sense of the matte or shine of their fabric. I got some swatches so we could perfectly match the bustier fabric to my client’s pumps. The fabric was perfect!





After the first fitting, with all the pinning of excess material, I redesigned the shape of the bra cups to better fit Molly. The original cups were way too revealing.

That’s why I do mock-ups!

I gathered all the information I needed, and set off the work with the silk duchess satin. Each piece of the bustier had a layer of cotton and a black mesh flat-lined to the satin. Boning channels were done in black as well as the binding to connect it with the black suit Molly would be wearing. The back had two layers of this thick mesh for fitting ease since this was not built like a traditional corset.

Here are some final photos of my client, looking pretty pleased with her look!

Here’s to more opportunities to give people the experience of custom.

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