Bobbi’s Indian fabric & what became of them

Bobbi contacted me a couple of months ago telling me that she had some beautiful silk yardage that she had brought back from her most recent trip to India. She knew she wanted a tunic made of one of the pieces, detailing her favorite neckline and sleeve length.

The tunic is lined in Bemberg rayon, a very soft and delicious lining fabric that is surprisingly sold at JoAnn Fabrics.


I felt confident with the measurements to cut directly into her fabric, carefully placing the blue motif. img_20180524_091545_8587084945397062758883.jpg

With new clients, I prefer to start with one design, and then move on to another. For me, designing for other people is the beginning of a long relationship, and I don’t take it lightly. I want my clients to feel confident and comfortable working with me.

I love Bobbi’s smile!!

The dress I designed for her also had requests for a certain kind of bodice, while the skirt she wanted it to somehow reflect the culture it came from.

Knowing I had exactly the fabric I had in hand, I wanted to give her a nice, full skirt with an element that would remind her of a sari.

And, of course, I offered to put in pockets, which she was very excited to have! This dress did go through my normal muslin phase to perfect the fit from her measurements.

I love everything about this dress and it’s story. Bobbi was such a pleasure to work with, too! And she has more fabric…

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