Band Shirt Comino Cap Top

I saw Katie's blocky t-shirt save using the Kitschy Coo Comino Cap Top pattern and I had to try it. This is Katie's super cute refashioned t-shirt (click on the image to go to Katie's IG feed and follow her- she's awesome!): I was recently gifted a Sister Morphine t-shirt and thought it the perfect tee … Continue reading Band Shirt Comino Cap Top

on staying focused

I'm constantly distracted by new patterns and new fabric but it's important to me to stay focused on my sewing to-do lists. In part because several things on my sewing to-do list are for other people, and they are part of my income, so there's a drive to do good work and fulfill orders in … Continue reading on staying focused

When do I do a Full Bust Adjustment?

Confession time: I don't always do a full bust adjustment (aka an FBA). Nope. Not always gonna happen. There are certain things I've found that either deter me from doing one or reasons why I don't feel like an FBA will make that much of a difference. Here are my reasons in no particular order: … Continue reading When do I do a Full Bust Adjustment?

Brasilia Dress Muslin #1

Yes, you are getting mirror shots. That's the kind of blogger I am today. This is my first muslin of Rachel's Brasilia dress. I took a lot out of the length between the underbust and the hip. Now I see from side and back pics that I need to take more out of the back … Continue reading Brasilia Dress Muslin #1

I lived off Belmont Street, aka the Colette Hawthorn

The Hubbinator and I met in Portland, Oregon and lived off Belmont street (about 5 blocks from Hawthorn) the year before we moved to Chicago. It was a two bedroom behind a really cool video rental place that had an excellent selection of international films, which we both enjoy. It was also close to the … Continue reading I lived off Belmont Street, aka the Colette Hawthorn

Forward Shoulder Epiphany

Well, the more I learn, the less I know. I started fitting my chest because I thought that was the only real issue I had. Once I made a larger front, to adjust for my larger bust I started having other fitting issues. The neckline was gapey so I pinched it out. The back was … Continue reading Forward Shoulder Epiphany

Two Gertie Shirtwaists! With Special Guest!

I finally finished my shirtwaist dress from Gertie's book. Fe-yoo! I say finally because I kept needing to make changes and when I finally made a bunch of bust changes I needed to make more changes due to the change in the armscye. I basically nearly botched it. I had so much fun hanging with … Continue reading Two Gertie Shirtwaists! With Special Guest!