on staying focused

I'm constantly distracted by new patterns and new fabric but it's important to me to stay focused on my sewing to-do lists. In part because several things on my sewing to-do list are for other people, and they are part of my income, so there's a drive to do good work and fulfill orders in … Continue reading on staying focused

Once Upon A Time…A Tattoo Story

It all started once upon a time...probably when I was in college...I wanted to get a tattoo but didn't know what to get. I'd often fall asleep at night, imagining what I'd get tattooed on my body- and where. That went on for years but I never did anything about it. Back in October 2013, … Continue reading Once Upon A Time…A Tattoo Story

Before and after pictures and their inacuracies

A friend of mine sent me a picture of us at a con last year standing next to a Dalek (in case it's not obvious). After I got the pic I made up this before and after picture to show the extent of my weight loss. I showed my new doc and the receptionist at … Continue reading Before and after pictures and their inacuracies

Buying a RTW Bra for my Birthday

WARNING: This whole post is one big overshare. If you don't want to hear details about my fitting bras, skip this post. I will be the first to admit that I have no clue how to fit smaller bewbs. I love you smaller bewb'd friends but I've had to deal with bigger bewbs so, of … Continue reading Buying a RTW Bra for my Birthday

Sewing Lingerie

Don't get your hopes up. I haven't sewn any yet. Well, besides my high waisted OhhhLulu knickers. Those are fun. What I'm really wanting to sew are bras and I'm actually forming the perfect bra in my head. I know that can be dangerous because even the perfect bra might end up flawed, either in … Continue reading Sewing Lingerie

Manipulate Darts, Not People

I have a large chest and I don't have any love or hate about it. I'm zen about it. It just is. I've been made fun of and right now, as I type this, I'm okay. It's not always okay but I'm 35. I can vaguely deal. I get sad when I hear body slamming, … Continue reading Manipulate Darts, Not People

Indesicion in Blogging

I was gonna blog about body-image and identity stuff and, once again, failed to articulate what it is that makes me turn to this topic time and time again. I've got several drafted posts that will probably never see your screen. I think I'm just afraid of ruffling feathers. I ruffled a lot of feathers … Continue reading Indesicion in Blogging