Go big (sleeves) or go home!

Ashton first came through my doors as an alterations client. After we worked together on two pieces to get the perfect fit, she decided to take the custom route, and have a dress made. Finding a dress that fits is a challenge Ashton faces every time she goes shopping. She also wanted to try something … Continue reading Go big (sleeves) or go home!

A Titanic-Themed Fundraiser

You might remember the Beatles costumes I made last summer. Well, Tara, the kids' mom, contacted me again but this time she wanted something for herself. She told me she was organizing a Titanic-themed fundraiser. Getting to know her during the Beatles costumes, I knew she was going for accuracy. Painstaking accuracy. Something I didn't … Continue reading A Titanic-Themed Fundraiser

Custom Duchess Satin Bustier

I don't cater to prom clients but I couldn't say no to a custom bustier...not with my corsetry experience. Molly is an artist and has an amazing eye for design. In getting to know her and her mom, I was struck by their relationship. I love working with a mother and daughter team who are … Continue reading Custom Duchess Satin Bustier

Working with clients is always a dialogue…

It's been a minute since I last posted. Bridal season is upon us so my Curvy Custom Bride work has been ramping up. At the same time, I'm narrowing the focus of the Three Dresses Project. I'll be cleaning up this site for clarity. It's fun to think of my humble beginnings, fitting myself by … Continue reading Working with clients is always a dialogue…