Titanic Blouse aka E0191 Finished

Photo issues: If you don't see 7 photos of my costume, it's because wordpress is being buggy. If you'd like to see all the photos I wanted to share with you, feel free to visit my flickr. Some of you remember that I joined up with a group of pattern testers to test patterns for … Continue reading Titanic Blouse aka E0191 Finished

Titanic Blouse

After wearing my white blouse with my Titanic costume to C2E2 this Spring, I saw how see-through it is- my slip shows from underneath. This wouldn't really be an issue but I used a lot of the lace I already had on hand so I ended up putting a lace with some brown in it … Continue reading Titanic Blouse

1912 Corset Cover Review

I've made many promises in my life. Here's one promise I will keep. Below you can find my review for the 1912 Project on the Corset Cover. Below you can see my second muslin. My first muslin fit but I wanted to go a different direction and use my waist cincher underneath my corset cover … Continue reading 1912 Corset Cover Review

Not a loser

I'll write more about the garment I'm going to be talking about in another post but for this post I want to process. Basically, I entered a sewing contest in town and I just heard who the winners were... I wasn't one of them. I see why mine didn't stand out. It was basic. I'm … Continue reading Not a loser

1912 Mantle Finished

I am so thrilled I got the mantle done for my dress-up weekend. I went with a friend and we dressed in our day wear. I actually finished stitching down the lining and other hand sewing on the bus ride up to Chicago. I need to rest before starting on anything... though I've said that … Continue reading 1912 Mantle Finished

Mantle #0189 Gusset Tutorial

There was some talk about the gussets for Mantle #0189 on the 1912 Titanic Sewing Project Facebook page. Once one of the sewing group participants posted a photo of how the gussets were sewn on her mantle and that's when I finally got it. See, gussets on sleeves don't always go in the same way. This … Continue reading Mantle #0189 Gusset Tutorial

Grading my 1912 Mantle

I just know I want to try to stitch up the other jackets from the 1912 project but with limited time, I thought the mantle would be the sanest route. Sanity is overrated. I had to learn how to grade this vintage pattern... and to be quite honest, I'm glad I don't have much time … Continue reading Grading my 1912 Mantle