Recent projects- a collection

So...I might have a sequin problem...and a vest problem...or maybe we can avoid calling them problems and just enjoy these projects. The only one that was for me (for now, at IS a sample) is the mustard yellow wool vest. It's so nice and provides just enough warmth for what I need indoors. I … Continue reading Recent projects- a collection

Spring Trend: Sleepwear as Daywear

I can't tell you how much I can get behind this trend of wearing pajamas during the day and calling them day wear. Gucci, Alexander Wang, Roberto Cavalli- you have my attention! Check out this article written by sleepwear designer, Francesca Ruffini for Vogue Paris!   Mostly, I've seen daywear pajamas made in silk and … Continue reading Spring Trend: Sleepwear as Daywear

Jungle January 2016: It begins.

The first year I participated in Jungle January I was really hesitant. I didn't wear animal prints ever and the thought made me shudder. Little by little, I found myself wearing animal prints more and more and now nearly every day. I had lots of encouragement from my fellow sewcialists and now I agree with … Continue reading Jungle January 2016: It begins.

1920s Dreaming and a Gatsby Party

There's a Gatsby party coming up in a couple of weeks and tonight I decided I'd go. With all the draping I've been doing at the dress shop, my skills are getting, little by little, better and more trustworthy. I have a lot to learn, don't get me wrong. I'll toot my own horn when … Continue reading 1920s Dreaming and a Gatsby Party

Keeping the Drama in my Wardrobe

This Autumn/Winter I've been wanting all the drama in my wardrobe. I'm actually focusing any drama into my clothes so that I don't have to live it. Of course, there's daily drama and definitely drama in any workplace but you get what I'm saying. I have two unblogged mega scarves I want to show you … Continue reading Keeping the Drama in my Wardrobe

Aerosmith and Swimwear

I've been listening to a lot of early Aerosmith lately so the swim prints that have been calling my name will be no surprise. I've also been listening to the new album by Merchandise. It's so good. Super dreamy. But it's not inspiring me to sew, so hello Aerosmith![Clicking on the image will take you … Continue reading Aerosmith and Swimwear

Current Leila events, work and most important, boats!

I'm not shy to blurt out that it's my birthday today. If need be, we can blame me being a Leo, a middle child or just the fact that my birthday falls during summer vacation so I rarely did anything on my birthday with friends when I was younger. I really only remember two birthdays … Continue reading Current Leila events, work and most important, boats!