Working with clients is always a dialogue…

It's been a minute since I last posted. Bridal season is upon us so my Curvy Custom Bride work has been ramping up. At the same time, I'm narrowing the focus of the Three Dresses Project. I'll be cleaning up this site for clarity. It's fun to think of my humble beginnings, fitting myself by … Continue reading Working with clients is always a dialogue…

Recent projects- a collection

So...I might have a sequin problem...and a vest problem...or maybe we can avoid calling them problems and just enjoy these projects. The only one that was for me (for now, at IS a sample) is the mustard yellow wool vest. It's so nice and provides just enough warmth for what I need indoors. I … Continue reading Recent projects- a collection

Vogue 8825: A Jungly faux wrap dress

I absolutely LOVE this dress. I cut and stitched it up in about 5 hours. The next day, I did a slight adjustment to the bodice (more on that below), and hemmed the sleeves and skirt. If I had been a good sewcialist, I would've googled the pattern, Vogue 8825, to find out that the … Continue reading Vogue 8825: A Jungly faux wrap dress

My Feather Mission (actually a) Maxi!

I've made Jamie Christina's Mission Maxi a bunch of times. I love the fit and just how easy it is to finish- the beauty of knits! We have this feather knit in the dress shop and I knew I wanted to make the Mission Maxi out of it. I bought 3 yards and, really, should … Continue reading My Feather Mission (actually a) Maxi!

Nautical Renfrew Mission (not a) Maxi

Once again, I'm here with a Mission not-a-maxi dress. I first made one when I was visiting Gillian last year and I have yet to make the full maxi dress. I just keep making the short version. Not quite a mini but definitely nowhere near a maxi. Then it got chilly and I had bought … Continue reading Nautical Renfrew Mission (not a) Maxi

Yummy Sushi Cambie, a nod to Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I got this sushi quilting cotton over a year ago, knowing I was going to one day make a Cambie. Life took over and I only recently started making Cambies. One day I swear I'm making some bodice alterations but it's good for now. (I'd lower the bust apex, shorten the front and back by … Continue reading Yummy Sushi Cambie, a nod to Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Ralph Pink Skater Dress X 4!!

  It's a skater parade today! Woot! Last time I blogged, I was talking about one bodice muslin and one fabric for the Ralph Pink Patterns Skater dress. Well, I went and made 4! It's marked as an easy dress and it really is- it's great! Gotta love a quick make that's got a lined … Continue reading Ralph Pink Skater Dress X 4!!