Inara Training House costume update

I felt the need to compile the pics I've been putting up (dirty mirror selfies, yo!) so that I could have all my Inara costume work all in one place. This is the training house costume. Go see Serenity if you don't remember it or if you've never seen the movie...tho you really should start … Continue reading Inara Training House costume update


Forward Shoulder Epiphany

Well, the more I learn, the less I know. I started fitting my chest because I thought that was the only real issue I had. Once I made a larger front, to adjust for my larger bust I started having other fitting issues. The neckline was gapey so I pinched it out. The back was … Continue reading Forward Shoulder Epiphany

SwimAlong: About Swim Cups

Katie and I have shifted things around just a little bit so we could add in a post about swim cups. Thanks to both Katie and Dixie from DixieDIY for talking a couple of things over with me as I prepped this post. You've noticed that we're pulling a lot of resources from other blog … Continue reading SwimAlong: About Swim Cups

Adding Support to your Swimsuit

Today, we have another special guest. You might have heard me talk about a bra construction book and how awesome it is...well, we've got Norma Loehr, author of Demystifying Bra Fitting and Construction and owner of Orange Lingerie. I started tweeting about my fear of making a bra and it was Norma who talked me … Continue reading Adding Support to your Swimsuit

Archer Tales, Part Deux

Here are the first and second muslins side by side: I tried to go with small changes so not to get ahead of myself. Here are the new alterations: 1. Added 1/4" to back hip seam allowances tapering it to the waist. 2. Fast Fit big bust alteration. I think I added 1/2" but honestly … Continue reading Archer Tales, Part Deux

Archer Tales

I bought the Archer pattern a week or so ago and I've been really excited to try it out. Last night I worked out a first muslin. I did very little initially so I could see what I'd need to do. I started with the size 12 based on my high bust measurement. I did … Continue reading Archer Tales

Sewing Lingerie

Don't get your hopes up. I haven't sewn any yet. Well, besides my high waisted OhhhLulu knickers. Those are fun. What I'm really wanting to sew are bras and I'm actually forming the perfect bra in my head. I know that can be dangerous because even the perfect bra might end up flawed, either in … Continue reading Sewing Lingerie