6th Annual Browncoats’ Bash

Leading up to last weekend, all I could think about was my Inara Training House Costume. This post, however, will show you pics from the bash itself and I'll dive into more details of my Inara costume in another post. Don't worry, there are costume pictures in here. This Browncoats' Bash comes just once a … Continue reading 6th Annual Browncoats’ Bash

Inara Training House costume update

I felt the need to compile the pics I've been putting up (dirty mirror selfies, yo!) so that I could have all my Inara costume work all in one place. This is the training house costume. Go see Serenity if you don't remember it or if you've never seen the movie...tho you really should start … Continue reading Inara Training House costume update

Comic Book Hummingbird

You read that right. I made a hummingbird skirt out of comic book fabric. It is quilting cotton so it going to behave like quilting cotton. It's not my favorite for garments but sometimes you just have to do it. Tempest Devyne alerted me to it. You can still get it at some JoAnn stores. … Continue reading Comic Book Hummingbird

Doctor Who Rag Doll

I want to share with you my favorite new rag doll. Yes! It's the 10th Doctor. I know a bunch of you are Whovians who will appreciate a lot of detail on this project. I'll do my best. I bought this as a panel from Spoonflower. Find it here. Risarocksit also has a second 10th … Continue reading Doctor Who Rag Doll