Ohhh Lulu! Gia thong

Last year, I made the Ohhh Lulu High Waisted Panties to wear with the high waisted pencil skirts I was really into then and I'm so glad I paired those two that way- you don't want a panty line when wearing a high waisted skirt. I made several pair last year and this year I thought … Continue reading Ohhh Lulu! Gia thong

Thinking of being on a beach…

We've seen a handful of gorgeously sunny days in Indianapolis and they're making me think of going to the beach, lying in the sun and recharging after a long, cold winter. Thawing out- yup, that's what I need to do right about now. I want to shed the sweater layers, not to mention the underlayers, … Continue reading Thinking of being on a beach…

Adding Support to your Swimsuit

Today, we have another special guest. You might have heard me talk about a bra construction book and how awesome it is...well, we've got Norma Loehr, author of Demystifying Bra Fitting and Construction and owner of Orange Lingerie. I started tweeting about my fear of making a bra and it was Norma who talked me … Continue reading Adding Support to your Swimsuit

Sleepytime, aka McCalls 5248

With all the Spring cleaning I've been doing, I realized I don't have any summer pajamas that I like wearing. During the last pattern sale, I scooped up two patterns and ended up making McCalls 5248. And here's my version, made up in a poly chiffon from JoAnn. I was surprised, too. We'll see how … Continue reading Sleepytime, aka McCalls 5248

WIP: First Bra

I was on a roll and am very close to finishing my first bra. I started with the longline pattern from the lingerie collection from PatternMaker. All you do is use their Basic Reader version of the PatternMaker CAD program to input your measurements, add in the amount of stretch in your fabric, your desired … Continue reading WIP: First Bra

Gathering Supplies for Bra Making

In the really awesome comments to my Sewing Lingerie post, some of you were asking  if it would be less expensive to make my own bras. I'm always curious about the cost of handmade because we can all easily admit that it costs more...or does it? I can't compare one of my made to measure dresses to … Continue reading Gathering Supplies for Bra Making

Sewing Lingerie

Don't get your hopes up. I haven't sewn any yet. Well, besides my high waisted OhhhLulu knickers. Those are fun. What I'm really wanting to sew are bras and I'm actually forming the perfect bra in my head. I know that can be dangerous because even the perfect bra might end up flawed, either in … Continue reading Sewing Lingerie