Making plans, WIPs and self-control

I just bought some knit yardage, cut my Ziggi and have a surprise for you later this week! Yup, I've got a ... giveaway for you! Have I mentioned how bad I am at keeping secrets? Well, consider yourself told. I'm horrible at it. I should interject that I *can* keep secrets but not when … Continue reading Making plans, WIPs and self-control

Brasilia Dress Muslin #1

Yes, you are getting mirror shots. That's the kind of blogger I am today. This is my first muslin of Rachel's Brasilia dress. I took a lot out of the length between the underbust and the hip. Now I see from side and back pics that I need to take more out of the back … Continue reading Brasilia Dress Muslin #1

Inara Training House costume update

I felt the need to compile the pics I've been putting up (dirty mirror selfies, yo!) so that I could have all my Inara costume work all in one place. This is the training house costume. Go see Serenity if you don't remember it or if you've never seen the movie...tho you really should start … Continue reading Inara Training House costume update

Unfinished Business

I don't talk much about WIPS because honestly I don't have that many. If I muslin something and don't like it, I don't make it. If a projects isn't quite turning out how I like it, I discard it; either using the materials for something else. If it's nice enough, I'll give it away or … Continue reading Unfinished Business

Jackets Jackets Jackets

Since I can't blog about all the pretty things I've been making for people, and I haven't taken pictures of myself in this yellow jacket I made, I'll leave you with this picture. You might have seen it. I'm really proud of this jacket. It's one of the best fitting garments I've made. I'm so … Continue reading Jackets Jackets Jackets

Fitting the back

Update: There should be 4 photo collages below. If you can't see them all, check out my Flickr. I'm starting a new experiment. It has to do with cutting a smaller size for my back. I'm still in FBA land, but cutting a smaller back will hopefully eliminate all the bunching I've been having to … Continue reading Fitting the back

Burda Panel Dress Muslining

I'm back working on the Burda panel dress from the May magazine again. I got so inspired by the idea of adding leather (faux, at least) as the middle panel that I went back to the traced pattern to start in on alterations. I did the FBA already but I still have to fix the … Continue reading Burda Panel Dress Muslining