Sewing for Fall 2013- The Jacket Edition

I've made only a couple of jackets and I've been sticking to the non-fitted kind for the moment so I can really get a handle on how jackets come together. I already made McCalls 6611 and I was so proud of it but I had some pretty bad fitting issues. For one, the shoulders! Gah. … Continue reading Sewing for Fall 2013- The Jacket Edition

Sewing for Fall 2013- The Dress Edition

It's starting to get chilly here in parts of Indiana. It's not as sunny all the time and temperatures, on some days, have dropped into "Leila needs a sweater" weather. I'm wanting to sew up some maxi dresses and jackets, comfy pants and other dresses that will keep me warm. Here's some inspiration I'm finding- … Continue reading Sewing for Fall 2013- The Dress Edition

Buying a RTW Bra for my Birthday

WARNING: This whole post is one big overshare. If you don't want to hear details about my fitting bras, skip this post. I will be the first to admit that I have no clue how to fit smaller bewbs. I love you smaller bewb'd friends but I've had to deal with bigger bewbs so, of … Continue reading Buying a RTW Bra for my Birthday

Wardrobe Replacements

I'm not talking about doppelgangers. I mean taking those loved items from my wardrobe that for some reason or another I just can't let go of and studying them to see what it is about them that I love and conversely why I don't wear them. First player: The Hubbinator's blue and brown plaid button-down … Continue reading Wardrobe Replacements

Sew whatever keeps you sewing!

There's a great dialogue going on among some of the sewing community over the idea that we sews too much frosting. Frosting include garments that don't quite fit in our existing wardrobe, either because they're too elegant for our lifestyle (like my 1912 costume), the print it too much for work (like my Circuit Boards … Continue reading Sew whatever keeps you sewing!

An Experiment: Natural Light

I was getting ready on Friday night and thought it a great opportunity to have my husband take a couple of pictures of me on my way out so I could keep practicing my editing. Things I had to wrestle with: 1. I didn't crop out the greenery. Should I so I can keep it … Continue reading An Experiment: Natural Light

Torrid purchase

Back when I decided to get over my fear of sewing clothing for myself, I did it because I couldn't find any clothes that fit me properly. I'm a US size 12 and dresses fit me everywhere but on top. Actually, when I make my own clothes, I use the equivalent of the 12 size … Continue reading Torrid purchase