Vogue Fall 2013…the few I’m liking.

The Big 4 get a lot of criticism when their new patterns come out...as do other bigger pattern companies like Burda, for instance. While I'm not saying I love how these 4 companies do everything nor do I have their back on all their pattern choices, I do want to point out patterns from the … Continue reading Vogue Fall 2013…the few I’m liking.

Playing Cupid for Fabric and Patterns

I know a lot of single pieces of fabric in my closet. They're shy. They don't know how to approach a pattern, let alone drafting paper. Most of their lives they spend it in some warehouse hoping for someone to notice them. They resort to whispering back and forth and passing notes in class. I … Continue reading Playing Cupid for Fabric and Patterns

Vogue Patterns: Summer 2013

There are some Vogue patterns that have caught my attention but not all of them are for me to make. You see, I'm starting to sew with knits more and I'm trying to buy fabric for the kind of garments I like to wear. It's kind of a thing for me now to sew with … Continue reading Vogue Patterns: Summer 2013