Vogue 8825: A Jungly faux wrap dress

I absolutely LOVE this dress. I cut and stitched it up in about 5 hours. The next day, I did a slight adjustment to the bodice (more on that below), and hemmed the sleeves and skirt. If I had been a good sewcialist, I would've googled the pattern, Vogue 8825, to find out that the … Continue reading Vogue 8825: A Jungly faux wrap dress

Jungle January 2016: It begins.

The first year I participated in Jungle January I was really hesitant. I didn't wear animal prints ever and the thought made me shudder. Little by little, I found myself wearing animal prints more and more and now nearly every day. I had lots of encouragement from my fellow sewcialists and now I agree with … Continue reading Jungle January 2016: It begins.

The Sewcialists do it again with Red October

We were chatting the other night on Twitter about wanting to sew something in red. How awesome is red! LadyKatza calls red a neutral and we all agreed that we needed something in red. And LadyK came up with the hashtag. I love that woman! Here are some details: Make a garment in red fabric. … Continue reading The Sewcialists do it again with Red October

Catch up on the SwimAlong

I hope you're enjoying the technical posts on Katie and my blogs. We're having a great time having guests pop in to talk swimwear aspects. Did you read Sarah's Pro Tips? I hope you've already seen Katie's swimsuit. If you haven't, go take a peek. She look amazeballs. The Bombshell Sewalong is currently in session. … Continue reading Catch up on the SwimAlong

SwimAlong: About Swim Cups

Katie and I have shifted things around just a little bit so we could add in a post about swim cups. Thanks to both Katie and Dixie from DixieDIY for talking a couple of things over with me as I prepped this post. You've noticed that we're pulling a lot of resources from other blog … Continue reading SwimAlong: About Swim Cups

Hummingbird SewAlong

Most of you know that I help with Cake distribution and if you didn't, you know now. For those of you who purchased the Hummingbird pattern during the pre-sale, you'll be receiving your pattern in a brightly colored envelope. The color of your envelope will decide your House for the sew-along. Check out the Flickr … Continue reading Hummingbird SewAlong

Swimalong: Flattering a Full Bust

What makes a flattering swimsuit on a fuller bust? It's all in the eye of the beholder. Horizontal stripes, for instance. Some think it makes you look wider. Either I don't care about looking wider or I don't believe it's true. I wear them and I feel good in them. Before I start, let me … Continue reading Swimalong: Flattering a Full Bust