Reading Related to Sewing

I was going about my Twitter feed and what should I see but this: @sownbrooklyn we should have a sewing blogger book club — Lady Katza (@Ladykatza) January 12, 2013 @ladykatza Totally. We could read bios of fashion-y peeps & sewing setting books. There are tons about tailors for some reason, lol — Sownbrooklyn (@Sownbrooklyn) … Continue reading Reading Related to Sewing


Top 5 Goals of 2012

Last year on this day, I posted my goals for 2012 and with a few exceptions, I did pretty well. This year, again, I want to stay away from lofty goals. I really do like checking things off lists but that'll only happen if I have listed a couple of things that are within my … Continue reading Top 5 Goals of 2012

In the Meantime…

Marina from Frabjous Couture is having a Blogiversary Giveaway and I think you'll love her blog as much as I do. She takes couture and other master sewing classes and blogs about all the hard work she puts into her beautiful garments. She is a real inspiration to me. Go check her out. Stephanie from … Continue reading In the Meantime…

More Books I’m Reading

Once again, I'm here to share some of the books I've been pouring over. There are always books that I check out of the library (we've got a great sewing collection) and enjoy looking at but then there are some that I know I have to own. This first book is one of those cases. … Continue reading More Books I’m Reading