Full Bust Adjustment Tutorial: Shift Dress

I've seen several really helpful full bust adjustment (FBA) tutorials and while I don't think I'm covering new territory, I do think there can't be too many tutorials for this tricky adjustment. I mean, it's not that tricky but doing your first FBA is tricky. It's a slash and spread method of pattern adjusting. Rather … Continue reading Full Bust Adjustment Tutorial: Shift Dress

Bodice work #1

I was serious when I said I was going to work in muslins for a year. Basically, I'm going to be taking bodice patterns (cos the skirt pieces rarely give me trouble) and altering them to fit me, without the expectation that I'm making a final product. Last year, I entered the technical world of … Continue reading Bodice work #1

Tissue Fitting my LBD #2

I decided to go the pattern route again instead of draping something but after two plus days of altering this pattern, I'm almost certain I'm going to drape something for the next dress. I started by choosing the pattern sized to my high bust measurement so that it would fit me in the shoulders. I … Continue reading Tissue Fitting my LBD #2

LBD#1: Moving forward from 2nd Tissue Fitting

The second tissue fitting was really an eye opener. I really need to select a smaller-than-you'd-think pattern and adjust everything else. I suppose I could take a pattern that fits my hips and adjust waist, bust and shoulders. The shoulders are giving me the hardest time. I'm trying not to let it bother me but … Continue reading LBD#1: Moving forward from 2nd Tissue Fitting

2nd Approach to Tissue Fitting Dress #1

This is a different pattern than the one on my first post. I worked this pattern before. Check out my personal blog where I started this process. There's a slide show to detail the work I did the first go around. I'm going to work on making muslin #2 for this dress now.

Fitting Pattern Tissue

Hi! Thanks for visiting my new blog. I've been selling handmade clothes for kids as well as a baby carrier called a Podaegi locally and on **Etsy** and I'm now branching out to designing women's dresses. Dressmaking runs in my blood. I can't believe I didn't see it as clearly as I do now. My … Continue reading Fitting Pattern Tissue