Video Tutorial: Sewing your sleeve lining into a coat by machine

I recorded a short video tutorial on how to get the coat sleeve and the sleeve lining sewn by machine on your Spearmint coat, though this should work with any coat and coat lining. Also, you should check out the Spearmint Sew-Along over on the Lolita Patterns blog.

Sewcial Bee: A garment inspired by food! and a pocket drafting tutorial

The challenge for the 2nd (very informal) sewcial bee was to sew a garment that was inspired by food. I went for all the greens I eat. I eat lots of kale, brussel sprouts, chard, celery...the list goes on! Remember my birthday breakfast I IG'd? Sauteed kale and quinoa with cultured veggies. I eat this … Continue reading Sewcial Bee: A garment inspired by food! and a pocket drafting tutorial

Star Trek: TNG Skant Tutorial

Thanks to everyone for your kind words about my TNG skant. I'll be taking you through the process of cutting up a pattern to make into a TNG skant, like the one I made. You're basically making a color blocked dress. As you see, my skant isn't meant as a replica. The show costume has … Continue reading Star Trek: TNG Skant Tutorial

Garments as Gifts: For Women

How about making a garment for someone as a gift? First off, don't make it to measure. I mean, sorta, but if it's a surprise, I suggest going for something that has ease, uses knit fabrics or perhaps is an accessory instead of a top or skirt. Go for simplicity. Here are some free patterns … Continue reading Garments as Gifts: For Women

Full Bust Adjustment Tutorial: Shift Dress

I've seen several really helpful full bust adjustment (FBA) tutorials and while I don't think I'm covering new territory, I do think there can't be too many tutorials for this tricky adjustment. I mean, it's not that tricky but doing your first FBA is tricky. It's a slash and spread method of pattern adjusting. Rather … Continue reading Full Bust Adjustment Tutorial: Shift Dress