Working with clients is always a dialogue…

It's been a minute since I last posted. Bridal season is upon us so my Curvy Custom Bride work has been ramping up. At the same time, I'm narrowing the focus of the Three Dresses Project. I'll be cleaning up this site for clarity. It's fun to think of my humble beginnings, fitting myself by … Continue reading Working with clients is always a dialogue…

Reflection on 2017 and My Word for 2018

That's a wrap, 2017! This year saw me in business mode full-time. I had no idea starting Curvy Custom Bride would make me feel so raw. It felt like I was finally burning off the rest of what was holding me back. It was hard. And worth it. I hired LuDesign Studio for my Curvy … Continue reading Reflection on 2017 and My Word for 2018

Frustrated…and thoughts on being self-taught

Working in bridal is a mixed bag for me. Most days I have clients coming in telling me and my boss how happy they are with the alterations and custom garments we make for them. What sadly sticks out are the people who come in demanding the moon. On one hand, I wish I could … Continue reading Frustrated…and thoughts on being self-taught

Jungle January 2016: It begins.

The first year I participated in Jungle January I was really hesitant. I didn't wear animal prints ever and the thought made me shudder. Little by little, I found myself wearing animal prints more and more and now nearly every day. I had lots of encouragement from my fellow sewcialists and now I agree with … Continue reading Jungle January 2016: It begins.

Aerosmith and Swimwear

I've been listening to a lot of early Aerosmith lately so the swim prints that have been calling my name will be no surprise. I've also been listening to the new album by Merchandise. It's so good. Super dreamy. But it's not inspiring me to sew, so hello Aerosmith![Clicking on the image will take you … Continue reading Aerosmith and Swimwear

Filling wardrobe gaps…aka, making the plans

With Me-Made-May coming to a close, I want to start making plans for Spring and Summer wear. My 4 Ralph Pink Patterns Skater dresses have seen a lot of wear this month- granted I did just make them- but they're easy to wear and so cute and fun. I could wear one every day and … Continue reading Filling wardrobe gaps…aka, making the plans

Brasilia Dress Muslin #1

Yes, you are getting mirror shots. That's the kind of blogger I am today. This is my first muslin of Rachel's Brasilia dress. I took a lot out of the length between the underbust and the hip. Now I see from side and back pics that I need to take more out of the back … Continue reading Brasilia Dress Muslin #1