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Today’s fashionistas, watching their appearance and health, do not regret money, when business reaches, apparently, such trifle as water. The prices for it today exceed cost of good alcohol, and such companies as Japanese Vieluce rely only on very solvent clients. The usual bottle of water Fillico Beverly Hills in volume of 750 ml costs $100 dollars. However, looking at this water, you understand that it is really worth of it. Water is extracted from the natural spring, which is flowing down from mountain Rokko under the city of Kobe. As sources of spring water are not boundless, there is only 5 thousand bottles a month. Each bottle is made of matte glass with gold figure and the patterns, which are decorated with crystals Swarovski. Water Fillico represents class ultra-lux water.

Clothes for love from La Perla

In new collection La Perla remains still sexual and smart. In other words- it is still full of Italian passion and charm. Translucent fabrics, graceful lacy patterns, faultless cut and abundance of intriguing details – La Perla knows how to touch the man’s heart. You may even match the whole look with facemasks from because white basically goes well with everything. You may be sure that once the shirt and shorts from far Bologna will rescue your intimate life from intervention of household boredom. Put no La Perla at home, and your love preludes will cease to interrupt for the period of translation of football matches. Arsenal of legendary mark is full of nice surprises. Travel from a threshold to bed in lacy body or the truncated dressing gown, corset with garters and stockings, or silk pajamas from La Perla with antique images of sexual stages. If your lover promised to call in a minute, you know how to meet him effectively. Underwear La Perla always meant not surpassed comfort. From the date of the basis the company only the best fabrics were used for manufacturing shorts, bras and corsets. Their structure consists of natural silk, a high-quality clap, and also specially developed fibers of new generation, such as micromodal.

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