Titanic Blouse aka E0191 Finished

Photo issues: If you don't see 7 photos of my costume, it's because wordpress is being buggy. If you'd like to see all the photos I wanted to share with you, feel free to visit my flickr. Some of you remember that I joined up with a group of pattern testers to test patterns for … Continue reading Titanic Blouse aka E0191 Finished

Titanic Blouse

After wearing my white blouse with my Titanic costume to C2E2 this Spring, I saw how see-through it is- my slip shows from underneath. This wouldn't really be an issue but I used a lot of the lace I already had on hand so I ended up putting a lace with some brown in it … Continue reading Titanic Blouse

1912 Detail Help Needed

I took blouse pattern #1000 from the 1912 sewing project and made a straight version for my friend. Then I started wondering if I could figure out the PatternMaker software some of us are using to print out downloaded patterns. I first played with resizing pieces, including the collar and the basque- two pieces I … Continue reading 1912 Detail Help Needed

Blouse #1000 is a go.

Edited to add the checklists at the end of this post. As soon as I saw blouse #1000, I knew I wanted to make it. The VPLL site states that this blouse has cutwork scallops and granitos on the collar, cuffs and basque. I have to say that it was those details that had me … Continue reading Blouse #1000 is a go.

Blouse pattern

I just got a blouse pattern from the 1912 Sewing Project. I requested it because my group hasn't been assigned a pattern, yet, and because I'm already done with my skirt. I have some white light weight cotton I'm planning on using for this blouse. Before making one for myself, I've agreed to make one … Continue reading Blouse pattern