Titanic Blouse aka E0191 Finished

Photo issues: If you don't see 7 photos of my costume, it's because wordpress is being buggy. If you'd like to see all the photos I wanted to share with you, feel free to visit my flickr. Some of you remember that I joined up with a group of pattern testers to test patterns for … Continue reading Titanic Blouse aka E0191 Finished

Titanic Blouse

After wearing my white blouse with my Titanic costume to C2E2 this Spring, I saw how see-through it is- my slip shows from underneath. This wouldn't really be an issue but I used a lot of the lace I already had on hand so I ended up putting a lace with some brown in it … Continue reading Titanic Blouse

Mantle #0189 Gusset Tutorial

There was some talk about the gussets for Mantle #0189 on the 1912 Titanic Sewing Project Facebook page. Once one of the sewing group participants posted a photo of how the gussets were sewn on her mantle and that's when I finally got it. See, gussets on sleeves don't always go in the same way. This … Continue reading Mantle #0189 Gusset Tutorial

I have a list

My list is made up of the things I need to sew before I go to C2E2 on Friday. This Friday. I'm not panicking. No, siree. Wait. I am a little panicky. But the fun must go on. If I learned anything from working in theater all these years is that it always comes together. … Continue reading I have a list

Blouse pattern

I just got a blouse pattern from the 1912 Sewing Project. I requested it because my group hasn't been assigned a pattern, yet, and because I'm already done with my skirt. I have some white light weight cotton I'm planning on using for this blouse. Before making one for myself, I've agreed to make one … Continue reading Blouse pattern

1912 Skirt nearly done

Edited to Add Checklists at the end of the post. I started with this skirt a couple of weeks ago and had a hard time putting it together only because I am so visual and all the directions I got were in paragraph form. It puts me in a bit of a panic to have … Continue reading 1912 Skirt nearly done

I’m joining The 1912 Project

The 1912 Project is looking for test sewers to sew and blog about working with the transcribed patterns from 1912 editions of La Mode Illustree – "a beautiful French fashion journal of the period – with the goal of making all of the patterns from the entire year available." This is in anticipation of the … Continue reading I’m joining The 1912 Project