Transitions: From Cake to Lolita

Since last year, around late November, I've been Cake Patterns' Northern Hemisphere Distributor. If you got a pattern from Cake's Etsy shop or Pattern Review and live above the equator, I sent it to you. Steph and I have become really good friends and she'd email me about different inner workings of Cake and I … Continue reading Transitions: From Cake to Lolita

Cake Patterns’ Red Velvet dress!

Disclaimer: I work for Cake Patterns as a Distributor and have received this pattern for free in exchange for photos for Steph to put up on the SewingCake site.  The new Cake Patterns are coming out! I'm reviewing the Red Velvet dress. Just to be clear, it's not a dress for velvet fabrics. It works … Continue reading Cake Patterns’ Red Velvet dress!

It’s the Sewcial Bee!

You might have seen The Great British Sewing Bee or heard of the online version of the show called the Super Online Sewing Bee... or at least you know about Project Runway, right? Ok. So you get the idea. People sewing with a challenge or focus in a concentrated time frame.  In the versions I … Continue reading It’s the Sewcial Bee!

Hummingbird Top…and it’s a print!

Remember when I was all bent out of shape because my box of fabric was supposed to have arrived on my porch but it wasn't on my porch? I also found out then that the double gauze I really wanted was sold out so I wasn't getting yardage I was really hoping to get. So, … Continue reading Hummingbird Top…and it’s a print!

Hummingbird SewAlong

Most of you know that I help with Cake distribution and if you didn't, you know now. For those of you who purchased the Hummingbird pattern during the pre-sale, you'll be receiving your pattern in a brightly colored envelope. The color of your envelope will decide your House for the sew-along. Check out the Flickr … Continue reading Hummingbird SewAlong

WIWT: Pink Pavlova Top

I thought you'd be curious how I wear my Pink Pavlova top so I had this pic taken of what I'm wearing today. The skirt was store bought from several years ago and it does sit at my natural waist so there is no gap between the wrap top and my waiatband. I have worn … Continue reading WIWT: Pink Pavlova Top

Pink Pavlova Frosting

I've been making more cake, aka every day, wear lately and I really needed some frosting. I have a sweet tooth in my sewing. A serious sweet tooth. I had been working on a full petticoat since Spring 2012 and just finally finished it. You know what urged me to finish it? The Pavlova skirt … Continue reading Pink Pavlova Frosting