Silk Jersey Tira

My third Tira. I couldn't have picked a better fabric. I went to The French Seam here in town, and I saw the softest, most beautiful knit. Courtney told me that it was cotton/silk (yeah, it's all silk)- no wonder I loved it so much, and that high end dresses are made from this very … Continue reading Silk Jersey Tira

Sewing Dares and a Second Tiramisu Dress!

I've sewn a pattern twice. I mean I love making and re-making wristlets but was a different beast. I usually make costumes or dresses that have a specific purpose, not just to be worn, if that makes sense. So, I got my sewing dare to be a repeat pattern user. My first Tiramisu dress … Continue reading Sewing Dares and a Second Tiramisu Dress!

Playing with Paper Dolls and Cake Patterns

I'm playing with paper dolls and it's so fun and addictive. I need more mini brads. More braaaaads! I will later thank my newly found obsession to Steph from Cake Patterns. She's on her second pattern pre-sale for a lovely wrap top and skirt and she came up with this idea to have a gift … Continue reading Playing with Paper Dolls and Cake Patterns

Tiramisu in Solid Navy

I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago and I made it my business to get over to Fishman's Fabrics. That place is so amazing. I went with the task of finding a knit to make my first Tiramisu dress. I wanted to go with a heavy knit for winter and all I found … Continue reading Tiramisu in Solid Navy

Distributing Cake

I wanted to share with you something that I'm going to be doing that might be of interest to you. I responded to a call from Steph from 3 Hours Past and more recently Cake Patterns and we've been going back and forth since yesterday evening for me/afternoon for her. See, she lives in Brisbane, … Continue reading Distributing Cake