Laughing Moon Silverado Corset and how I wore it out to a see a play!

Back in January/February I made a Victorian ballgown for the Steampunk Masquerade Ball and although I hadn't finished the corset, I strapped in and wore it to the ball. I was exhausted from health stuff but I went and I had fun meeting and talking to people and dancing. Here's the costume (tho you can't … Continue reading Laughing Moon Silverado Corset and how I wore it out to a see a play!


1911 Corset

I'm planning a lot of sewing projects and I need to come up with a schedule so I actually progress. Some components of these projects I know I'll be procrastinating on. In particular, making this 1911 corset from Corsets and Crinolines. It's a great book. And yes, it's all underwear. Sorry. Undergarments. Bridges on the … Continue reading 1911 Corset

My Snow White Costume

Here are some photos a friend of mine took of me in my Snow White costume in the Fall. I made a change from how I wore it in San Diego last summer- I wore the white top you see in the photo instead of just wearing the chemise. I like both versions. I also … Continue reading My Snow White Costume

Cinderella’s Waist Cincher

Here she is! In full splendor! My friend B rocked her new cincher as we walked around the San Diego Convention Center for Comic Con. It fit really well and she seemed happy with it, so yay! We're already talking about the next project. I'll be writing more about my own costumes in the next … Continue reading Cinderella’s Waist Cincher

Cindy Waist Cincher Update

Here is a quick update on my friend's waist cincher. Just a little bit more hand sewing to do on the binding then I'm off to finish my sleeves. I'm still promising more photos later.

Drafting Corsets

I'm still very new to corsetmaking but after using a store bought pattern and drafting my own, I have to say the drafted version is by nature better fitting. I will always recommend, for a tight lacing corset, that you leave a gap in the back for body fluctuations. I say that as a nursing … Continue reading Drafting Corsets