1920s Dreaming and a Gatsby Party

There's a Gatsby party coming up in a couple of weeks and tonight I decided I'd go. With all the draping I've been doing at the dress shop, my skills are getting, little by little, better and more trustworthy. I have a lot to learn, don't get me wrong. I'll toot my own horn when … Continue reading 1920s Dreaming and a Gatsby Party

Materials Quest: Edwardian Gown

I'm in quest mode. I'm looking for all the materials so I can price the cost of this Edwardian Gown. Let's take a look at it again. It's gorgeous but an ill used lace will make it look horrible. I'd like to call my pink lace dress to the stand. While I think the fit … Continue reading Materials Quest: Edwardian Gown

Must Make: Edwardian Gown

Lying in bed feeling tired and like I'm gonna get sick, I started spacing out on pretty dresses online. I started reconsidering going to the Steampunk Masquerade Ball here in town early next year and thought I should start looking into a dress. This dress is my dress. I think I know how to put … Continue reading Must Make: Edwardian Gown