When do I do a Full Bust Adjustment?

Confession time: I don't always do a full bust adjustment (aka an FBA). Nope. Not always gonna happen. There are certain things I've found that either deter me from doing one or reasons why I don't feel like an FBA will make that much of a difference. Here are my reasons in no particular order: … Continue reading When do I do a Full Bust Adjustment?

Full Bust Adjustment Tutorial: Shift Dress

I've seen several really helpful full bust adjustment (FBA) tutorials and while I don't think I'm covering new territory, I do think there can't be too many tutorials for this tricky adjustment. I mean, it's not that tricky but doing your first FBA is tricky. It's a slash and spread method of pattern adjusting. Rather … Continue reading Full Bust Adjustment Tutorial: Shift Dress

McCalls 6394 Redo

I just posted this morning how I failed at this dress pattern and I'm already back to say I'm on my way to a better fitting bodice. I took Jodi's suggestion from the comments to add to the side panels instead of the front bodice piece. This made a huge difference. Even using the unaltered … Continue reading McCalls 6394 Redo

Alterations on LBD #2

      I apparently took too long in between the tissue alterations and the dress fitting because I managed to lose a tiny bit of weight. It's smart to always use the same undergarments you're going to use with your dress during the whole process but how can you anticipate nursing related weight loss. … Continue reading Alterations on LBD #2