Grainline Studio Hemlock (yeah it’s a free pattern)

I was chatting with my buds Heather and Gillian and we were talking about all wanting to try the new Hemlock pattern but weren't sure how it would look on us with bewbs. Gillian dared us to make the Hemlock. And what do you do when Gillian dares you to something? You do it...or at … Continue reading Grainline Studio Hemlock (yeah it’s a free pattern)

Archer Tales, Part Deux

Here are the first and second muslins side by side: I tried to go with small changes so not to get ahead of myself. Here are the new alterations: 1. Added 1/4" to back hip seam allowances tapering it to the waist. 2. Fast Fit big bust alteration. I think I added 1/2" but honestly … Continue reading Archer Tales, Part Deux