Inara Training House costume update

I felt the need to compile the pics I've been putting up (dirty mirror selfies, yo!) so that I could have all my Inara costume work all in one place. This is the training house costume. Go see Serenity if you don't remember it or if you've never seen the movie...tho you really should start … Continue reading Inara Training House costume update

Costume Events for 2013

I get asked where I wear my costumes and while lounging around the house in costume is fun and I do it, I also like going out all dressed up. So,  here's the rundown of my costumed outings for this year. April 26-28 C2E2 May 31-June 2 Trek Con August 15-18 GenCon October 19-21 Geek … Continue reading Costume Events for 2013