Frustrated…and thoughts on being self-taught

Working in bridal is a mixed bag for me. Most days I have clients coming in telling me and my boss how happy they are with the alterations and custom garments we make for them. What sadly sticks out are the people who come in demanding the moon. On one hand, I wish I could … Continue reading Frustrated…and thoughts on being self-taught

Sewing for Fall 2013- The Jacket Edition

I've made only a couple of jackets and I've been sticking to the non-fitted kind for the moment so I can really get a handle on how jackets come together. I already made McCalls 6611 and I was so proud of it but I had some pretty bad fitting issues. For one, the shoulders! Gah. … Continue reading Sewing for Fall 2013- The Jacket Edition

Mini Trench

I've been working, pacing myself on this mini Trench, aka the Oliver + S pattern I got a couple of weeks ago. It's going well, as you've noticed on Twitter and IG. I've rushed a couple of projects lately, specifically the Victorian ballgown, and I'm regretting it. I actually want to take the bodice apart … Continue reading Mini Trench