New Years Manhattan

I finally got pictures of my second Capital Chic Manhattan. I had the hardest time pairing it with a top in my closet- mental note: make a top to go with this skirt! But then, my daughter, who took the photos, pulled out my Lolita Patterns Olive and while I don't think the pictures do … Continue reading New Years Manhattan

Pretty Knickers Sewing Week

So much going on right now I don't know where to start! Let's talk discounts! Don't forget to use the sewing indy promo code over at Lolita Patterns- type in sewing15indie until May 19th and get 15% off your Lolita Patterns! It's a great way to try out a new pattern company. Remember when I … Continue reading Pretty Knickers Sewing Week

Lolita’s New Pattern: Olive! (shh, it’s a print)

I need to stop being so shocked when I use a print. Lolita Patterns just put out this top. She's called Olive. There are two views, the ruffly, intricate View A, and the wardrobe builder View B. I made a straight size 8 and I like the fit. The side invisible zipper is awesome. I … Continue reading Lolita’s New Pattern: Olive! (shh, it’s a print)

Blue Wool Spearmint

This is my second Spearmint coat from Lolita Patterns. I mentioned in my post about my first Spearmint that I figured it would be a wearable muslin but then I liked it so much I started wearing it all the time. Well, this blue wool I got specifically for a Spearmint coat and I'm so … Continue reading Blue Wool Spearmint

Blue Wool Spearmint: A Prelude

This was not the way I wanted to introduce my wool Spearmint. I remember talking to someone on twitter (I think it was MaLora) about things that happen behind the scenes in our sewing rooms and not showing them - so here I am to talk about a mishap with my coat. The other day … Continue reading Blue Wool Spearmint: A Prelude

Video Tutorial: Sewing your sleeve lining into a coat by machine

I recorded a short video tutorial on how to get the coat sleeve and the sleeve lining sewn by machine on your Spearmint coat, though this should work with any coat and coat lining. Also, you should check out the Spearmint Sew-Along over on the Lolita Patterns blog.

Jungle January Gunmetal and being bossed around!

Amity and I were talking about Gunmetal and color combination and all the ways you could make up this pattern when she came up with a Sew Bossy project for me. She wanted to send me fabric for a Gunmetal in colors she thought I could pull off but that I wouldn't necessarily pick for … Continue reading Jungle January Gunmetal and being bossed around!